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~HOV's Dark Vampire Lover Collection~

This line of provoking imagery is only a teaser of what is yet to come. The line portrays the diversity of character that populates the preternatural realm and how these characters embody different aspects of our darkest fantasies and emotions. From the nostalgic to the wicked and from the seductive to the enthralling you can choose to experience and express your love of darkness as the beauty or the beast. Take your pick!


HOV Collection Makes Great Gifts!

This Valentines Day is the best time to show your unique and impecable taste while sharing your love for the vampire genre with those loved ones who share your passion & commitment for our beloved immortal friends.  Give a gift with a "bite" that is simply to "die" for! 



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You have been bitten! So Dare to Bare the Mark of the Vampire Lover. 

The bite has irreversibly made you one of us; it’s time to join, time to belong; time to pledge and surrender yourself to the irresistible and irrevocable allure of the vampire…...Wear the HOV Mark today!

For the complete HookedOnVamps collection, please visit our online store supported by CafePress. There you will be able to purchase a wide range of attractive collectibles.  And remember that HOV collectibles also make wonderful gifts just in time for the holidays, or simply just because!

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Featured Lover ~Dark Ectasy~
This creation was inspired by the  uninhibited and erotic sensuality of a vampire and the rapture experienced by his willing prey.  Owning this item will surely be an experience of exaltation that will elevate your unique style beyond ordinary impressions!

Get helplessly seduced by this rapturous preternatural creature and his disturbingly inviting caresses as well as his irresistible love bite.





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Can't Decide Which Dark Vampire Lover Is Your Favorite?

Can't make up your mind as to which of these dark lovers you would like to bring home?  Not to worry;there is no need for you to just pick one when you can own the complete collection!  Our wide range of products makes it possible for you to choose more than one of these amazing creations.  Also if for some reason you would like to purchase an item with a different dark lover, just contact us at hookedonvamps@yahoo.com and we will custom design the product for you.  That is a promise!




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(Available Now)

 Dark Summoning 
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Willingly succumb to the powerfully hypnotic magnetism of this mischievous and alluring Machiavellian Lord of the Dark.  If you dare to accept his invitation, he will be your master guide and faithful companion in the realms of the underworld.

This is a calling you definitely don’t want to leave unanswered …


 (Available Now)

Dark Fantasy

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Lose your mind if not your soul to the dreamy eyes of this distant onlooker and dare to enter the realm of extravagant and unrestrained imagination.

The creative power of this mythical creature will surely take you to the wondrous and whimsical world of the preternatural.   

(Available Now) 

Dark Embrace

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Fall passionately into the arms of this sexy and luscious young vampire and revel in his gentle yet decadent grasp; after all, who wouldn’t want to be pressed against this handsome dark lover?

The grasp of this dark angel will quickly enfold you in a thrill that is to die for. Make sure you are in for the ride!