With the sudden rise of a blood thirsty pop-culture, vampire lovers become more and more demanding when it comes to getting their fix; with the launching of its new website, Genutopia, LLC., provides a compelling and comprehensive portal to satisfy the frenzy of those Hooked On Vamps.
Deerfield Beach, FL, April 29th, 2010 – Among black and red satin, Genutopia, LLC., hosted an intimate soiree to celebrate the launch of its new website; a site dedicated to those looking to sink their teeth into the inexhaustible torrent of content surrounding vampires, their stories, their imagery and their realm.

This practical portal gathers information that would take users hours of search and web-hopping in order to find for themselves. Weather their interest circulates around books, movies, characters, TV Series, artwork, events or lifestyles HOV provides a place of reunion for the broad array of topics and perspectives that gravitate around vampires and the preternatural world.  The portal also features an online store where vampire lovers can easily purchase exclusively designed items, such as the recently introduced Dark Vampire Lover T-shirt Collection.
 “Through their t-shirt collection I found a way to pledge my love for vampires and express my pride for being a member of this community; their designs are very exclusive and specifically designed for HOV, so I can walk on the streets expressing myself without publicizing a character or finding 25 more people wearing the same shirt;” says Paula, a 39 year old Office Manager and mother of one that attended the HOV launching party. “I can actually relate to the power of this imagery and can’t wait for new items to come around!”

While conducting their market research for, Genutopia’s President and Founder Ana Chi and its Director of Business Development Donna Giambrone discovered the need for a fresher concept that allowed users to learn about a variety of subjects and be exposed to the latest news pertaining to the vampire-oriented community in one single source.

 “Most websites out there focus on a specific topic, movie, TV Series, character or book, limiting their spectrum leaving audiences hungry for a wider approach and a deeper angle on the preternatural subject,” stated Ana Chi; “we wanted to create a place where people from all ages, genders and paths of life could converge and feed their love and interest for vampires.”

Whether you are in for a book review, interested in “bloodsucking beauty” tips or wonder what “Immortal Cells” are all about, seems to be a good destination to land while navigating the preternatural web.


HookedOnVamps is part of GENUTOPIA, LLC., a Florida based company founded in 2009 and dedicated to those trapped in the lust and frenzy of life.

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