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HOV's Fun Zone is designed for those vampire lovers that are looking for fun and entertaning information that is focused on the vampire genre.  After extensive research we elected to feature in our fun zone some great Anime TV show series, Mangas etc.  We hope that this lighter fare is entertaining and enjoyable to all our visitors.  Remember that if you are truly "HookedOnVamps" you can appreciate all forms and mediums used to showcase vampires and the preternatural.   We will continue to search for more fun items to place in the HOV Fun Zone so keep visiting our website for updates.


Hot New Update: Shiki  

Watching Shiki was a bit reminiscent to watching a Hitchcock flick, except in Animated form.  While the characters are a bit unusual looking they are all very likable and interesting, the story line, action sequences and sound effects made this a very entertaining anime to watch.  Also, special recognition given to the music/soundtrack which is very haunting & dark but captivating.  Combined, all these delivered a very original and gripping story about vampires and humans and their struggle to co-exist.  Who will be the winners in this story about survival; who would you sympathize more with? Watch Shiki and find out.
  A word of warning this anime is not for the faint of heart so expects lots of blood!

About Shiki

The story begins with the introduction of Natsuno Yuuki a young teenager who moves away from the city and into a sleepy town called Sotoba.   The move was not by choice; rather he was forced to move by his father and mother who are seeking to live a nice and peaceful life in this quiet village.  Little do they know that they have moved to a dangerous place that it is about to become the “headquarters” to a vampire group.  Sotoba, is in the middle of nowhere and houses a small community that is filled with old tradition and superstition.   Their history alludes to an incident where unexplained deaths occurred many years ago and the village was in the brink of extinction.  The villagers ensnared by superstition blamed the Okiagari Shiki (屍鬼?, lit. Corpse Demon); evil spirit. 

The leader of the vampires is 13 year old girl named Sunako, who is actually over 100 years old and three other vampires along with one human servant.  This strange family moves into the village in the middle of the night and goes mostly unnoticed by the village residents.  However, soon after their move a young girl by the name Megumi suddenly dies of a rare case of anemia.  Soon after her death more people begin to die of similar causes so the local doctor presumes this to be an epidemic.  Get ready for plenty of blood and gore as the story moves to its climax.  

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(Extreme violence and blood)






Midnight Secretary

For those Manga readers/fans who like to mix a little dark humor,romance and blood!  We stumbled across Midnight Secretary, a manga written and illustrated by Ohmi Tomu and got immediately "hooked" on this enchanting tale of a modern day secretary who ends up having a boss who is a vampire.  The story line is extremely funny and at times a bit steamy (recommended for mature audience only).  Would love to see an adaptation of this Manga to an anime or OVA.  Unlike Noblesse though this is a traditional shoujo manga so you will need to click for each page view versus scrolling down to read.  However, it is certainly worth the effort!

About Midnight Secretary

Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma - the director of a tableware company of the same name. Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and promiscuous behavior are almost legendary. Kaya is doing her best to prove that she is capable in her work, but one night, by accident, she discovers his secret... of him being a vampire!  Upon being discovered her boss Kyouhei decides to instead of eliminating Kaya she is take up one more responsibility; become a willing blood donor, in other words his office snack!





While continuing to research our favorite topic, yes Vampires,  we came across a new treat that we'd like to add to our favorites and recommended top picks in the Anime and Manga genre.  Noblesse is a Korean online manhwa and all we can say is that we got "hooked" while reading the first chapter.  The beauty about this series is that you can read it free , online and to top it all this is also one of the first we've come across that is illustrated in full color!  In addition, the first chapters or so are in "scroll down" versus reading from page to page which makes is extremely convenient and easy to power through about 80 chapters, more than enough to get you hooked!  This manhwa series is still running and we can't wait for the next installment.  There is plenty of blood-lust , bad and good vampires , but the nice surprise for us was the subtle humor strategically inserted in almost every chapter.  You can't help but fall in love with "Rai" who is not only a seriously powerful but also vulnerable vampire.  We simply love his childlike actions which are quite humorous as he attempts to adjust to the 21st century after being asleep for over 800 years!  His faithful servant "Frankenstein" is also one of our favorite characters!    


About Noblesse

Noblesse is an online manhwa written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su. Noblesse is about a powerful, noble vampire - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (also called Rai) - who has been asleep for 820 years with no knowledge of mankind's advancement and scientific successes. He has recently woken up in an abandoned building in South Korea. He is starting to get used to the modern world, often with the much-needed help of his loyal servant, Frankenstein. Rai enrolls in Ye Ran high school and inadvertently befriended Shinwoo - an athletic teenager, Ik-Han - a computer geek, Yuuna and a few others. Noblesse follows the group's often dangerous adventures against a secret organization while uncovering Rai's past.







Vampire Knight 

Vampire Knight is a shōjo manga and anime series written by Matsuri Hino. The series premiered in the January 2005 issue of LaLa magazine and is still on-going. Chapters are collected and published in collected volumes by Hakusensha, with eleven volumes currently released in Japan. The manga series is licensed in English by Viz Media, who has released ten volumes so far. The English adaptation premiered in the July 2006 issue of Viz's Shojo Beat magazine, with the collected volumes being published on a quarterly basis. The anime adaptations have been licensed for release in North America by Viz Media, the DVD will be released on July 20, 2010.

HOV loves Vampire Knight!.  We strongly recommend anime and vampire lovers to collect this amazing series!



Vampire Knight Season 1

Yuki Cross' earliest memory is of being all alone on a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by an evil "Level E" vampire and saved by a powerful but kind vampire named Kaname Kuran. Ten years later, Yuki, along with her childhood friend, Zero Kiryu are attending the Cross Academy which is run by Yuuki's adoptive father.  The prestigious Cross Academy is hosting an experimental program that is trying to prove that humans and vampires can live together peacefully, in a quest for co-existence.

In the early episodes we learn that the headmaster Kaien Cross informs both Yuuki and Zero that they have been selected for the important role of "guardians" also called "prefects" and are responsible for escorting the vampire class students known as the "Night Class" to and from class as well as help protect their secret from the human students also known as the "Day Class".  Showing his displeasure at being recruited for the role of a guardian, Zero storms off.  Later we see that he seems to be afflicted by an "unknown" pain/attack which is forcing him to take some mysterious tablets. 

At the conclusion of VK's first season HOV was totally "hooked" on Vampire Knight!  Here we begin to get to know some of the supporting characters on the vampire side like Hanabusa Aidou who turns-out to be the "naughty/bad-boy" in the group of vampires.  In this episode he does the unthinkable and surrenders to the urge to feed from a human and ends up getting a taste of Yuuki's blood.  Zero comes to the rescue and stops Aidou from taking further liberties while at the same time Kaname Kuran (Yuuki's secret-crush) also arrives to the scene and takes the troublemaker away and dealts out his punishment.  We begin to see the protective nature of Kaname towards Yuuki as well as his strength and special interest in her. 

In season one old Enemies come knocking on the doors of the seemingly peaceful Cross Academy.  Both Yuuki's and Zero's past is tied to Kuran Kaname and secrets are revealed that leave you hungry for the next season! 



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