Ok, I had been thinking about starting a blog but was not sure how to go about it and what not.  I was also worried about whether the content would be interesting enough to anyone out there so I'm going ahead and giving it a try.  My original intent was to use this blog mainly to discuss the vampire and preternatural genre however I plan to also talk about what is going on today in the world as a whole. 

First order for discussion though is the recent vampire craze that we've experienced in the last two years.  Is it over or what?  Many seem to think that the vampire bubble is going to "burst" at any time but I really think that this is not the case.  I know what some of you are thinking, vampires, especially the glittery and "vegetarian" kind are so "gay/wimpy" and totally misrepresent the true nature of the vampire.  The harsh reality though is that this new-age vampire has more appeal and reach than the blood-thirsty and savage vampire of the past.  With a substantial audience, comprised mainly of young adults and teenagers the numbers speak for themselves.  Also, let's not forget the mature audience, 30's-40's and even some older. Authors like Stephanie Meyers (Twilight Saga) , Charlaine Harris (True Blood) and L. J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries) are surely laughing all the way to the bank.  The works of these three writers are responsible for bringing vampires back into the limelight and away from the shadows.  Let's face it vampires had been hanging around in the shadows since the last two great vampire movies Interview With a Vampire and the Lost Boys.  Although the Twilight Saga can take the credit for catapulting vampires back to stardom; HBO series True Blood and CW's The Vampire Diaries are responsible for providing the fuel needed to continue to keep these immortal beings out in the spotlight for while to come.   Also with upcoming movies like Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment out of the Twilight Saga scheduled to come out late 2011 and also the rumored remake of Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton and starting Johnny Depp as the leading character and vampire, Barnabas Collins, scheduled for release in 2012.  This surely hints that vampires are here to stay. 

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to Vamp It Up in 'Dark Shadows'