~Spoiler Alert~
I’m sure many were sad to see Vampire Diaries season two come to an end.  Whatever shall we all do on Thursday evenings this summer?  As expected, the season finale was far from dull and ended with several “twists” that left many of us with our mouths agape.   The return of Vicky and Anna was indeed an exciting and unexpected turn of events.  Also, Stefan’s sacrifice to save Damon and Elijah’s double crossing at the most crucial moment, all these have left us hungry for more Vampire Diaries.   We certainly can’t wait to see what season three will bring and can’t but speculate on several scenarios; For example now that Stefan is gone, does this mean that Elena and Damon will finally develop a more than “friends” relationship?  And now that Anna and Vicky are back would this mean that there is a possibility that aunt Jenna who died may be able to return?  Will Katherine use this opportunity to get back the love of her life, Stefan? Are we going to see his bad-boy-vamp side?  Also, let’s not overlook Caroline’s relationship with Tyler and Matt, which seems to lead to yet another possible love triangle.  Overall, Vampire Diaries season two definitely ended with a big “bang” and certainly hints at a very exciting and interesting season three.  We can’t wait!