Will the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga series, Breaking Dawn (movie part one) deliver enough content to keep fans interested and excited enough to watch the final movie?  That is the question that many are wondering as "Twilighters" wait on bated breath for the movie's release this fall.  The reviews for the third movie installment, Eclipse released last year were mixed with even die hard fans expressing disappointment.  Some fans voiced that the movie skipped many parts of the book and seemed at times rushed with the script and with some of the action sequences.  As Breaking Dawn is one of the most robust books in the series, fans that watch the movie will come with great expectations.  As the movie will be rated PG-13 we can't help but speculate at how Summit Entertainment studios plans to deliver key sequences such as Bella and Edward's wedding night/honeymoon and Bella giving birth.  These sequences will need to be delivered in a tasteful but realistic manner.  Also let's not forget another important component such as the intense emotions conveyed in the book by character Jacob Black the young werewolf who is also in love with Bella.   Will young Taylor Lautner's performance accurately convey the characters sorrow, frustration and anger as he struggles to accept that the love of his life is marrying another man, and worse of all a vampire that plans on turning Bella into a vampire too!. In order for Breaking Dawn to be successful at the box office a well balanced rendition of the book is key as well as an improvement in the caliber of acting by key cast members.     

'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' will be rated PG-13