After what to some of us seemed to be too long a hiatus, finally the first episode of The Vampire Diaries graced the living rooms of countless fans.  Those who were more than ready to take another peek at both Salvatore brothers were definitely not disappointed as once again we were able get a glimpse of Damon Salvatore sans-shirt.  As expected the show picked up right where it left off and quickly gave us a good run through of what to expect during the next episodes.  In this content packed episode Bonnie was able harness the power of hundreds’ of witches and now has become a witch to contend with.  Also, Katherine was again able to show us what a sly and cunning vampire she is.  In addition, the pseudo appearance of the long awaited villain known as “the original” vampire, Klaus gave us a nice surprise with a very cool twist.  We are certainly looking forward to this week’s episode as it is sure to be another fun, action and of course romance filled episode.

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