I really debated whether to write about what many are hailing to be the event of the century.  The royal wedding will captivate the eyes of millions of people, possibly the most viewers ever in history for any televised event.  When one considers how mobile technology today will facilitate the streaming and distribution outlets, it’s no wonder.  Though this event does not happen every year, I can’t help but wonder if we don’t have better things to do or worry about than watch two young people, who are very privileged “tie the knot”.  It appears that many are so obsessed with the royal wedding; I’ve actually some acquaintances that are planning on getting up early at 4:00 am to watch the event live.  Folks want to see the wedding dress, the bride and groom and most importantly the guests that were lucky enough to get an invitation.  Although I’m a bit curious about this event, I’m afraid that the curiosity does not extend to me actually making the effort to wake up early to watch it.  After all, I guarantee that the coverage in the media is going to be so excessive that I’m quite sure that many, including yours truly will be sick and tired of it when all is said and done.  Thus not that it matters, I do sincerely congratulate the royal couple in their upcoming nuptials and wish them luck, but at the same time I can't wait for them to stop monopolizing the media so that  we can get back to real news.  I'm sure that the 5,000 police & guards responsible for security at the royal wedding will be also happy to see the event come to an end; talk about the stress these poor guys are going through.

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