This weekend the news of Abercrombie's new bikini triangle top with push up and padded features should raise a huge flag for parents today.  The new bikini named the "Ashley"is targeted for girls as young as 7-8 years old.  At a day and age were our kids are already growing too fast, this fashion trend could spell disaster for young girls as they are forced to deal with issues such as figure enhancing clothing at an age where their brain is not mature enough to handle the repercussions that this would create.  Also, let's not forget the impact that this would have on pedophiles out there.  Children are constantly in danger of falling pray to pedophiles the last thing they need is even more temptation. 

Why is this a problem you ask? Well we see plenty of parents that allow their children to dictate their preferences when purchasing items such as clothing, music, games etc.  For example, I know of parents that allow their young kids to purchase/play video games that are of a mature nature.  In addition, now days young girls go to the mall and shop with their friends not their parents.  Thus making the chances that young girls will get their hands on bikini tops like the "Ashley" a harsh reality.  While there are plenty of parents out there that have the common sense and the desire to hold on to/protect  their child's "innocence"; for parents who are too caught up on keeping up with the trends and or are not paying enough attention to their kids, a "please beware" call to action may be necessary.

Ashley Bikini
Abercrombie & Fitch Criticized For Selling Push-Up Tops To Little Girls