According to it's founders " is a site that was originally intended as a coding project and learning experience by a small team of University of Chicago undergraduates, to change the age-old belief that UChicago was is a place where “fun comes to die” and “the squirrels are cuter than the girls and more aggressive than the guys”.  This site follows a subscriber based model where students sign up to join the community and have access to the portal's chat function to meet other students. The site's purpose is supposed to be to allow students the opportunity to go out there and meet people of similar interests and to build relationships.  However, the name of the portal alone gives the impression that this is simply an avenue for students to "hookup" for casual sex.  Maybe I'm old school but I thought the purpose of going to university/college was academic achievement as well as to secure a degree that will enable them to find a job.  Of course building relationships is also a key component of college life but the message that sites such as this is sending may not be the best at a time where the US is falling behind on the educational front.  Also, with the current economy; which is affecting unemployment for many including college graduates, one would think that the focus for these young adults would be to excel in their studies as they prepare to enter a tough job market.  Thus sites such as eduHookeup offer nothing but a dangerous distraction.  The frightening thing is that now there are more universities & colleges that are looking at introducing similar sites; this certainly spells a bleaker future for college graduates and should be of concern to parents who are shouldering the cost of their education.