Ok, I understand that today’s generation is obsessed with getting the latest “apps” for their mobile devices and what not but while some of the apps may appear to be cool and useful there are others that are just outrageous.  Take for instance the latest Google Android app "Dog Wars" -- a game that trains people in dog fighting, a murderous sport connected not just with cruelty to animals but also in some cases to drugs, guns and murder. The app is a virtual training camp for dog fighting trainers. According to the creators this app is actually intended to discourage people from pursuing dog fighting and such.  I guess they feel that if this app had been in place famous individuals like football player, Michael Vic , may not have been involved and arrested for participating in dog fighting activities; instead he would have been kept busy at playing “let’s pretend”.   Apparently, the creators of this horrific app state that the game is intended as a satire for dog fighting and insist that dogs will actually benefit from this app as part of the sales proceedings will be donated to animal rescue groups. It appears that they feel that as long as they throw some money around that justifies this heinous crime.  This makes us wonder, what is the world really coming down to, when you get to play games in mobile devices that would encourage such sadistic and irresponsible behavior.    One would think that with the recent vampire, werewolf, zombies etc rage that these would provide enough inspiration for developing bloody apps, but I guess these monsters are not "real" thus cannot feed the "reality show" obsessed audience out there. 

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