Although many out there may believe that that the last thing the vampire/werewolf genre needs is yet another television show/series; the recently adapted for the US market series Being Human now running on the SyFy channel is a pleasant surprise.  The story portrays a young vampire, Aidan played by Sam Witwer,  who is an orderly at a hospital and becomes friends with a recently transitioned werewolf, Josh played by Sam Huntington  who is also a fellow orderly.  The laws of nature state that these two should be enemies however,  they find that they share the same predicament which is how to survive and co-exist with humans while maintaining their secret.  Josh is an emotional mess and constantly worries about hurting someone while he is in werewolf form as eh tends to black out.  While Aidan does not hunt for humans he still drinks human blood except not straight from the source if you will.  Instead he pilfers bagged blood which he takes form the hospital he works at, pretty convenient huh?.  One final piece added to the plot mix is the introduction of another supernatural being, not a zombie nor a witch but in actuality the ghost of a young woman, Emily played by Meaghan Rath.   The trio end up living together in the same house and while there are some funny moments as the roommates attempt to get along and co-exist there is plenty of blood, gore and darkness to keep the show interesting and entertaining.