As health care costs continue to rise and our population continues to age; a question that I can’t help to ponder on is will hospitals be able to provide the right care for these patients?  The reason why I’m suddenly wondering about this issue, despite the fact that I’m a healthy individual and have only been to been hospitalized once in my entire life is due to an incident that took place this week.  My best friend’s husband who just turned fifty suffered from appendicitis and had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery.  While he was having surgery my friend waited patiently for an update.  However, after hours of waiting no one came to give her an update, when she finally was able to inquire about his conditions she was told that the surgery was over and he was being transferred to a room for recovery.  Needless to say she was extremely upset that no one had bothered to come by and let her know that the surgery was over.   When she requested to speak to doctor who had conducted the surgery she was told to wait for him but after waiting for over an hour for him he never came.  When she inquired about the doctor again she was told the doctor had left the hospital already.   In the end she left her husband at the hospital without being able to speak to anyone about his surgery, what to expect with his recovery, how long he would be hospitalized for etc.   The next day she went to visit her husband after work and again was not able to speak to any doctor about her husband’s recovery.  This happened every day that she went to the hospital.  Her husband on the other hand was in extreme pain because the pain killer he was given did not appear to work but was told he had to bear with the pain until a doctor got to see him and prescribed him another med.  On top of that when he asked for assistance with grooming himself he was just given a sponge & soap but was not assisted any further, so I guess this basically meant "do it yourself".  I really don’t know why they were treated this way.   They have insurance and the hospital is a reputable one in a good neighborhood.  Now it may be foolish of me but when I thought of patient care at hospitals I thought of TV shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy etc , sans the sexy doctors like Doctor Mcdreamy that is.  I expected at the very least common curtsy and consideration to both patients and their family members.  I’m not sure if my friends experience was an isolated incident but I can’t help but wonder if this is more the norm and or a pattern we can expect to see in the near future.  Now that I think about it vampires never get sick so they would not have to worry about patient treatment in hospitals.  Darn it, as if we did not have enough things to be jealous about, here is one more!