As we patiently continue to await for some of the upcoming vampire movies to come out, like Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Fright Night, Dark Shadows etc, we were pleasantly surprised to find interesting vampire fare in other avenues.  We happily stumbled across a delectable dark tale about vampires in the manga & anime space and just had to share it.  The story begins with the introduction of Natsuno Yuuki a young teenager who moves away from the city and into a sleepy town called Sotoba.   The move was not by choice; rather he was forced to move by his father and mother who are seeking to live a nice and peaceful life in this quiet village.  Little do they know that they have moved to a dangerous place that it is about to become the “headquarters” to a vampire group.  Sotoba, is in the middle of nowhere and houses a small community that is filled with old tradition and superstition.   Their history alludes to an incident where unexplained deaths occurred many years ago and the village was in the brink of extinction.  The villagers ensnared by superstition blamed the Okiagari Shiki (屍鬼?, lit. Corpse Demon); evil spirit.  Watching Shiki was a bit reminiscent to watching a Hitchcock flick, except in Animated form.  While the characters are a bit unusual looking they are all very likable and interesting, the story line, action sequences and sound effects, especially, the music which was very haunting & dark;  combined all these deliver a very entertaining and gripping story about vampires and humans and their struggle for survival.  Who will be the winners in this story and who would you sympathize more with? Watch Shiki and find out.

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