After celebrating its one year anniversary since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we can’t help but ask ourselves; Is BP adding insult to injury by failing to meet their obligation to compensate those affected by the spill?  While BP made the world news and was voted the worst company the nation it eventually exited the limelight and continues to run business- as-usual; drilling is still running 24/7.  Apparently, their agreement to set aside a $20 billion compensation fund to be used to help those individuals affected in the region by the spill seemed to appease the media enough and so they moved on to another hot story.  Today however, BP has only paid a little over $3 billion in damages.  There are various claims out there that families are desperately waiting for their claims to be processed.  Some even had to settle for payments as little as $5,000, accepting less than what was owed.  Other reports claim that there is also an obvious disparity in how the claims are being processed.  While fishermen desperately struggle to keep their business afloat as they wait for their claims to be processed; individuals who work in the city strip like tattoo parlors, strip clubs, even Walmart have gotten funds for their claims.  It is fair to say that all affected by the spill should be compensated, especially when their livelihoods have been placed at risk, however, for those individuals in the fishing industry who are the ones that are mostly affected by this, shouldn’t their claims take precedence?  Questions to ask BP and government officials responsible for overseeing the compensation fund; what are they waiting for and why are they not paying out these claims? Could it be that the $20 billion fund does not exist, or is the money sitting around somewhere gaining interest while families suffer strife?  Frankly what they are doing is extremely foul and unconscionable, so just pay up already!

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