Why Vampires?

At a lower or higher level, humans are always pursuing some sort of thrill. Vampire characters are construed with such an exacerbated intensity that is really hard for us common mortals to ignore. Vampires have nothing to lose, so they are not afraid to give their all, for better or worse.

The idea of subsisting only by feeding on the life essence of other living creatures suggests a thirst for a union that is powerfully blunt, definite and eternal; but as with all such unions, the relationship between vampires and humans is often cursed with the presence of the ultimate tragedy or the ultimate deliverance: DEATH.

The only answer to that "forever" seems to be to become immortal. Immortality however, turns into a burden that wears on their souls, and so vampires find themselves hopelessly caught in the everlasting battle between good and evil. Some irrevocably succumb to the forces of their own darkness, while others fiercely fight to preserve their humanity in an extremely hostile environment and bound to a damned lifestyle. We humans are the objects of their affection, caught in the middle of their struggle to survive or be forever “undead”.

On the physical realm, vampires exalt the very features that give stereotype to human sensuality, emphasizing especially on their mesmerizing iridescent eyes, irresistible crimson lips and irresistible animal magnetism. Their charm appeals to our need to rid ourselves of the guilt involved in losing all self control.

We invite you to rid yourself of the guilt of being a hopeless vampire fan, after all, the power to resist the spell of their enchanting presence is beyond rational thought; we understand, so welcome to the
HookedOnVamps family!!!

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